Checking your

  • Annual audit
    Surprises in a financial administration are something a business misses like a hole in the head. To minimise the chance of suprises it is wise to check your financial records periodically. Furthermore, an annual check of the financial administration is mandatory for most businesses. If you have the time and knowledge, you can do this yourself. When this is not the case, an external professional can do it for you. The professional takes responsiblity for the whole process, this frees up valuable time for the entrepeneur.

  • How can ONZ Kantoor help?
    How ONZ Kantoor can help with an accounting review depends on the clients wishes. For smaller businesses we can take over the whole financial administration. We process invoices and changes in bankaccounts, write reports and manage the annual review of the administration. Larger businesses can use accounting software to process mutations themself. In this context our role is to set up the accounting ‘enviroment’, help when there are questions and check the administration. The frequency of these checks depends on the profile and wishes of the client: we can do the mandatory annual check. However, larger businesses would be well advised to have the financial administration checked every quarter. For our tailor-made services we charge a favourable fee. Because of this we work with both small and larger businesses.