Payroll tax

  • Employer/payroll tax
    Are you an employer? If so, you’re legally obligated by Dutch law to pay payroll tax over the salaries of your employees. This contribution consists of payroll tax, premiums for public and employee insurance and income-related health insurance contributions. This contribution is managed in your salary administration and should get a high priority. Inconsistencies can lead to a hefty after-tax and other problems with the ‘belastingdienst’. Keeping a good salary administration is very time and knowledge consuming activity. That’s why a lot of (small) business owners hire a professional to do it for them. This guarantees a salary administration that complies with legal requirements and relieves the business owner of the time and stress that are associated with managing the administration.

  • How ONZ Kantoor can help
    At ONZ Kantoor we can take over all processes related to the salary administration. Your only task is to provide us with the relevant documents and information. Our professionals use this information to design and maintain an efficient salary administration. Transparency is key here, we always keep you up to date about the process. When something comes up, you will know it, so no surprises. Over the years we worked with a lot of companies, so our professionals have a healty dose of experience that they can use for your benefit.
    For our services we charge a favorable fee, which gives us the opportunity to work with both small and larger businesses.