• The salary administration
    A good salary administration is important for both the ‘belastingdienst’, and the moral of your employees. In short, a part of the administration that can’t be ignored. Organising it yourself is both time and knowdlegde ‘intensive’. For that reason, a lot of businesses bring in an external party, that does the salary administration for them. Outsourcing is (almost) always cheaper than hiring an administrative person yourself. When you’re responsible for the salary administration yourself, outsourcing frees up time that can be used on core activities.

  • How ONZ Kantoor can help?
    ONZ Kantoor can be of service for companies that are looking to outsource their salary administration. Our professionals can take of over this responsibility from you. Partial transfer of the administrative tasks is also a possibility. We shape our services to your wished. When you decide to start working with us, your only responsibility is to deliver the relevant documents and information. We use this to create an efficient administration, keep track of the payroll tax and, most important, pay your employees. Transparancy is an important part of our company. We actively communicate with clients and keep them up to date. This way the client is never confronted with surprises. Another important pillar in our company is flexibility: our services are tailor made. This gives us the opportunity to work with both small and larger companies.