• Credit management
    Without a steady income it’s difficult to do business. In a perfect world clients always pay their bills on time, unfortunately, we do not live in that world. The reality confronts us with a large percentage of people who don’t pay their bills in time. This gives you, the entrepeneur, unnecessary difficulties and stress. Contacting clients takes a lot of time and frustration, not everyone responds positively after all. Because of the fact that efficient credit management lowers costs and is a source for extra liquidity, a lot of businesses choose to hire a professional bureau. This bureau can help with designing an efficient credit management system and, when necessary, take over the whole credit management process. Freeing up time and liquidity for the client.

  • How can ONZ Kantoor help with credit management?
    ONZ Kantoor can help with the credit management process. How we help depends on the wishes of the client, our services are tailor made. We can help set up an efficient credit management system, that you can work yourself. We can go a step further as well: we work with companies that outsourced all credit management activities to us. We take care of all processes. Send mail to clients, notify them of pay terms and call them if they don’t respond. We deliver our services for a favourable fee. This gives us the opportunity to work with both small and larger companies.