• A necessary evil?
    As a business owner it’s only natural to shy away from everything fiscal, like filling in tax forms. The returning annual ritual is seen by many as a necessary evil. ‘Ignoring’ it is not an option, you don’t want to be surprised after all. However, Dutch tax legislation offers opportunities to entrepeneurs who take the time to look beyond the paperwork. For both small and larger businesses fiscal reductions are possible, but sometimes overlooked. This is a pity, because it involves substantial amounts of money.

  • How ONZ Kantoor can help
    No every business owner has the knowdlegde or required time to look into fiscal legislation. That´s why we offer a ´helping hand´. Our professionals have lots of experience with fiscal issues, concerning both small and larger businesses. The nature of our services depends on your wishes. We can advise about how to fill out a tax form as efficient as possible. When you rather outsource the whole process, we can be of service as well. Leaving you with extra time and assurance that your taxes will be taken care of. For our services we charge a favorable fee, which gives us the opportunitiy to work with smaller businesses as well. It’s interesting to note that alot of clients end up paying ‘nothing’, because our services are paid for by the more efficient tax return.