a businessplan

  • Writing a business plan
    An important step in the process of starting a business is writing a business plan. You probably have been walking around with hundreds ideas about your future business. When writing the business plan all these ideas have to be translated into concrete information. A good business plan provides anwsers to all the questions a bank, or other investor could have. This is important, because not being able to answer questions from investors looks bad. On top of that, a business plan is your first marketing effort. All those ideas have to be translated into a ‘product’ you can sell. For those who need a little help with preparing a business plan, we can be of help.

  • How we can help
    ONZ Kantoor can help starting entrepeneurs with writing a business plan. How far our help goes depends on the wishes of the client, we offer tailor made services. Our professionals can support the writing process, or take a client by the hand and walk them through the whole process. Issues you’ve been walking into are often not new for our employees, they have the answers ready. When you decide to work with ONZ Kantoor, the first step is discovering as much as possible about your ideas and wishes. This gives us a complete image about your future business, which we use as a basis for our work on the document. We make sure all the essentials are covered. Our end goal is a sleek and complete document that can be a figurative fundament for future successes.