Setting up
your administration

  • Your administration
    Having a clear and transparent administration is of uttermost importance for a succesful business. Having an efficient administration does not only help with legal requirements, but can be used to learn about your company and streamline operations. A clever organised system helps making the administrative process more efficient. Leaving you with more time and money that can be spend on core activitites.

  • How ONZ Kantoor can help
    We fully understand that not everyone has the required knowledge or time to set up their own administrative system. That’s why we help (starting) businesses with designing, implementing and streamlining administrative processes. Our services are tailor made: we can help starting businesses with the implementation of a efficiënt administrative system. Larger businesses with their own administrative division can also take advantage of our services. We can help streamline existing processes and make an administrative division more efficiënt. Bringing the costs down, while increasing the quality of the administrative work. In short: the scope of our services depends on you wishes.