Mergers &

  • Mergers & acquisition
    For most entrepeneurs the following holds true: ‘a business is built with blood, sweat and tears’. So decisions regarding selling or merging a company are not made lightly. It’s a big step. Apart from the emotional side, there are a lot of practical issues that have to be dealt with. Taxation, your employees, the (financial) administration, etc. everything has to be reviewed and checked. This process requires a high level of expertise. This expertise is something we offer to our clients.

  • How ONZ Kantoor helps
    The professionals at ONZ Kantoor can help with planning and managing a merger or acquisition. Together with the client we look what opportunities there are and how the process can be organised efficiently. We do this for both buying and selling parties. The expertise of our professionals in the fiscal, administrative and accounting diciplines makes them especially well equiped to give advise on everything related to mergers & acquisitions. On top of that comes a healthy dose of experience, which makes them even more efficient. Over the years we advised on mergers & acquisitions of both small, and largers businesses. So, small or large, we got you covered.