Reports &

  • Acces to financial information
    Whether you’re a freelancer, or the head of a large enterprise, having acces to correct financial information is necessary for succesful management of day-to-day operations. The financial condition of a company is an important factor in the decision making process that a business goes through every day. Financial reports can help provide information about the financial condition.These reports are ofcourse not mandatory, however, larger companies benefit greatly from having direct acces to up-to-date financial reports. Reports are often made by external parties that have the required skill and expertise. When you’re in need of financial reports, ONZ Kantoor can help.

  • How can ONZ Kantoor help?
    At ONZ kantoor we can take over the reporting process. We create clear and complete reports on the financial situation of a company. This gives our clients continious acces to correct and complete financial information of their businesses. The amount of detail in the reports depends on the wishes of the client. Depreciation, staffing costs, housing costs, leasing costs, etc. Everything can be included. The frequency of the reports can range from one-time only to monthly. Every aspect is tailor-made.