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  • Need a boost?
    When you’re in the progress of starting a new business it’s normal to have a ton of questions. Being confronted with a millions tasks that need your attention can be overwhelming. You’re not unique: “how do I arrange my pension”, “what changes in my tax forms” and “how do I arrange my business as efficient as possible?” are questions we often hear from our clients. As a starting entrepeneur you could use a little ‘boost’, we offer that.

    How we give you a boost
    Over the years we gave advise to a big number of (starting) entrepeneurs about their business and day-to-day operations. This has given our employees a big deal of experience they can break into. They have the answers ready. The difficult issue you’ve been walking around with is (most of the times) easily solved by them (remember, you’re probably not the first with that issue). When you choose to work with ONZ Kantoor you will never walk alone: we help entrepeneurs through the initial stages of starting a business. We defined our prices with your situation in mind. This translates in low fees for starting entrepeneurs.