• General partnerships in liberal proffesions
    Working as a liberal proffesional can offer you a variety of intellectual or creative advantages which provides you with an unique selling point in comparison to other freelancers, for example. These proffesions are protected and regulated in several aspects because they need to fulfill to serve the common interest of the people. Depending on the working area, there are specific registers and organisaties to guarantee quality in the related area. The law states that (since 2008) everyone is obligated to register him or herself at the chamber of commerce besides registering in a so called “beroepsregister”. You also have to think about other related administrative issues. This is where we can help you.

  • What exactly do we help you with?
    We can serve liberal professionals in several ways. We can (partially) fulfill all your administrative activities like looking after your annual accounts or your collections process. We can also give you advice about certan fiscality issues to get the most out of your declaration. Working with us is easy. We have a custom online client portal to present all needed documentation. This makes the whole proces extra efficient. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding these topics, please feel free to contact us.