Private company

  • The Private Company
    Setting up a private company could be an appealing legal form for your business. Choosing this legal form for your business has varying benefits, for example the seperation between private capital and capital connected to your firm. This means that you can not (in most cases) be held responsibly; creditors can only claim capital which is connected to the firm. There are more unique benefits however. Choosing a private company gives you some benefits with repsect to fiscality, shows character to you customers and is easy to start. Starting a private company however also commits you to extra administrative and accounting activitaties in comparison to other legal forms. These are activities which require a lot if time and knowledge.

  • How can we halp you?
    We can offer both large as smalle entrepreneurs the opportunity to free you from you administration and accounting issues. The degree in which we take over these activities is completely free of choice. We can just provide you tax declaration, for example, but we can also add your payroll administration and payroll tax declaration. We can also advice bigger companies whith an internal financial employee/appartment to refine existing activities.

  • Thorough and easily accesible
    Our clients can easily submit all needed documentation via our digital clientportal to our accountants. If you need any further help or you prefer direct contact with one of our employees, please feel free to contact us. We will always try to help you as soon as possible.