Entering invoices
& Banktransactions

  • Managing invoices
    Managing invoices is one of the most basic tasks for a healthy and complete financial administration. Because there are legal requirements associated with it, processing it correctly is very important. Some entrepeneurs choose to manage parts of their financial administration themself. This is a very time intensive activity. For that reason most (small) businesses outsource (part of) their administration to external professionals. This frees up valuable time that can be spent on core activities.

  • Managing bankaccounts
    The processing of changes in your bank accounts is another important aspect of a healty financial administration. This task can be outsourced to an administrative professional as well. From that moment the external office is responsible for the processing of all changes on the clients account to the financial administration. This frees up even more valuable time for a starting entrepeneur.

  • How can ONZ Kantoor help?
    ONZ Kantoor can take over all tasks associated with managing the financial administration, like the processing of invoices and changes in bankaccounts. The only thing a client has to do is providing us with the relevant documents. This can be done in person, by mail, but also through our digital clientportal. Our professionals in turn tries to update the financial administration as fast as possible. That way a clients administration is always up to date. For our services we charge a favorable fee. Because of our prices we work with both small and larger businesses.